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Cedar Wood Siding. Cedar siding is typically made from Western Red Cedar, this type of siding allows you to be a bit more flexible compared to other types. It can be applied in the form of horizontal lap panels or traditional shingles. It can be painted or treated with stain, oil, or even left untreated.【Get Price】

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Add To List Click to add item 3/4 x 10 Red Cedar Bevel Siding to your list. Sku # 1078150. Sold in Stores Go to previous page. 1. Go to next page.【Get Price】

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Need to replace 3 or 4 courses of old cedar claps on my 1939 cape. to within 1/4" of the reveal. I framed and sided with cedar clapboards and shigles over 【Get Price】

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The job consists of stripping the house of its old shingles and clapboard. Removing all debris from the site. Installing the same material that was removed. The house is a 2 story. 1500 sq.ft. of white cedar shingles. 420 L.F. of clapboard. I will not be staining or painting. New paper. I am in the Boston area.【Get Price】

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$4.5-8 per square foot. Clapboard Siding – highly popular among homeowners because it offers an unbeatable combination of aesthetics and a reasonable price. $6-9 per square foot. Clear grade of Red Cedar clapboard is the high-end option, and costs $11-15.5 per square foot【Get Price】

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Other in-stock profiles include 1/2” x 4”, 1/2” x 8” and 3/4” x 10”. When it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is superior to synthetic products in every way. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, western red cedar actually removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.【Get Price】

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Looking for an 'official' guide on exposure variation between courses in clapboard siding. In checking new 4" exposure installation I found a few courses that are 3.5" and 4.5". Many are 3.75" and 4.25".【Get Price】

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Nail placement for cedar shingles up to 10 in. (254 mm) wide requires two corrosion-resistant nails driven 3/4 in. (19 mm) from each edge and 1 in. (25 mm) above the exposure line. For shingles wider than 10 in. (254 mm), drive two additional nails approximately 1 in. (25 mm) apart near the center.【Get Price】

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* assuming 1/2" board overlap. Note dressed dimensions are the same for both Rabbeted and NO Rabbet quarter log profiles. 1x8" Pattern Coverage Example: If you are siding four walls 8 feet high by 40 feet long with 8" wide cedar siding boards and we allow 10% of the total square feet for openings, you would need approximately 2250-2450 linear feet depending on pattern selected:【Get Price】

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Available in two reveal widths – standard 6-7/8” and narrow 4-1/2” – Everlast Horizontal Lap Siding produces the classic American rough-sawn cedar clapboard aesthetic. Plus, choose from a beautiful palette of timeless colors.【Get Price】

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We're Cedar Siding Contractors in MA, RI, & NH United Home Experts & United Painting Co. is your professional siding company. We offer cedar clapboards (also called beveled siding), cedar shingles, and cedar shakes (bigger, rough cut shingles).【Get Price】

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Western Red Cedar has long been the favored siding choice in New England due to its natural beauty and outstanding stability. We offer Seven Trust unprimed and primed clapboard in clear heart vertical grain: the very best available.【Get Price】

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Quick Reference Guide: SIDING: Western Red Cedar -1/2 x 6 Bevel Clapboards – All Grades -1/2 x 8 Bevel Clapboards – All Grades -3/4 x 10 Bevel Clapboards – All Grades -1 x 4,6,8 Tongue & V-Groove * Center Matched * Shiplap * Rustics – All Grades -1 x 8 Channel Rustic – All Grades -3/8, 1/2, 5/8 Plywood – Rough Face – ClearIncense 1/2 x 6 Bevel Clapboards – Knotty Northern White 【Get Price】

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Then divide by the reveal (what you wish left showing), and this will give you the lineal footage needed for your project. For example: 1000 square feet of wall to be covered times 12 inches equals 12,000. 12,000 divided by 4 (your reveal) equals 3000′ lineal feet of our 6″ clapboard.【Get Price】

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or No.2 Red Label) at 4" exposure. The above coverage table (Table 1) tells you that a 4-bundle square at 4" exposure covers 80 square feet. 3200 divided by 80 = 40 squares of material Maximum exposure recommended for roofs SLOPE LENGTH 18" 24" 4:12 and steeper 7 1/2" 10" (a)【Get Price】

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Western Red Cedar is nature's perfect siding material. Its natural oils make it resistant to decay and insects, and it is pitch and resin-free. Unlike composite substitutes that attempt to simulate the appearance of Cedar siding, authentic Western Red Cedar bevel siding has the natural depth and character desired for the finest appearance. Nothing else comes close to Cedar's ideal combination 【Get Price】

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For example, our 6”, once planed, will measure a true 5 1/2” and is graded for a 4” reveal. The 6” clapboard would be lapped 1 1/2” to achieve the 4” reveal. Should I add anything in for waste, when determining footage needed? If you have deducted for windows and doors, you should add about 10% into your square footage for waste.【Get Price】

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Cedar Shingles: Machine Grooved Natural and Primed, Squared & Rebutted, Hand Splits ½”-¾” × 24, 16” 5X Red Cedar, 16” White Cedar, 18” Perfections, and 24” Royals Clapboard Finger Joint Primed :【Get Price】

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Set the clapboard exposure. The exposure of each clapboard can be adjusted up or down by as much as 1/8" on 2" to 3" exposures and up to 1/4" on 4" exposures. The clapboard exposure in the past 200 years followed no strict rule.【Get Price】

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The clapboards are rot-resistant Western red cedar. If you’re unable to find either flat-sawn or radially sawn lumber to match the depth and profile of clapboards on your house, it’s possible to have new boards milled to spec, or to field-cut the wood to size.【Get Price】

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Then divide by the reveal (what you wish left showing), and this will give you the lineal footage needed for your project. For example: 1000 square feet of wall to be covered times 12 inches equals 12,000. 12,000 divided by 4 (your reveal) equals 3000' lineal feet of our 6" clapboard.【Get Price】

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Benefits of Cedar Clapboards: Western Red cedar clapboards contain natural oils and resins that protect the wood from insects and rot. Cedar is known for its durability and ability to withstand weather. Problems that arise on homes is not usually attributed to the type of siding but to the installation and lack of proper flashing and drainage 【Get Price】

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Re: Clapboard nailing I was working on a house today with 4"painted cedar siding , repair work from some one running a BobCat into it, that was both blind and face nailed . Was laying just as tight and flat as the day it was put on.【Get Price】

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FWIW the clapboards would be on the north side of the house. I was thinking I would use primed red cedar clapboards with a 4" reveal and paint them, but friends have suggested Hardie plank clapboards already colored and finished.【Get Price】

Should my lap siding be nailed at the top or bottom?

Secondly, if you are going to overlap the siding to get such a small reveal, it will depend on where you are as to best practice (refer to Robert Butler's comments at the top of the thread). If your current siding is 6" with the 4-3/4" reveal, then it's likely that's good practice where you are, and you may be able to do that approach.【Get Price】

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Note: Please call for quotes on Cedar boards, decking, paneling, timbers and dimension. We specialize in hard to find patterns or custom designs to meet your specifications.Cedar prices fluctuate daily, consequently we will only quote prices based on current market prices and inventory.【Get Price】

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For more information about 1/2 x 6 Clear Vertical Grain, Primed Red Cedar Clapboards products, we encourage everyone to submit a quote online for Clapboard Siding orders, visit our store or Contact us for any available best quality Red Cedar Clapboard Siding supplies in Long Island New York, Massachusetts, Boston/Metro West/North Shore, Southern New Hampshire, Cape Cod/Rhode Island, Maine 【Get Price】

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There is a trick using hardiboard to make a thin board appear thicker. Using a wider board make the reveal less and because the hardiboard has square ends the overlap will be greater. Remember that most old homes have a clapboard and shingle reveal of 4.25 to 4.5 inches wide. There are many styles of wood siding.【Get Price】

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5/4" Reversible Trim. 4108 Shelby. 4/4" Reversible Trim. Smooth Vertical Panel. Smooth Lap. 129 Bonnie St. Traditional Lap. 7" Shake Select. 5/4" Reversible Trim.【Get Price】

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Shop wood siding brown cedar lap siding (0.75-in x 6-in x 120-in) in the wood siding panels section of Lowes.com【Get Price】

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Available in 4", 6" and 8" exposures and Smooth and CedarGrain surface textures, NuCedar's Classic Clapboard is coated in Polane® polyurethane from Sherwin-Williams. This factory applied, baked-on finish is available in 22 standard colors and 1,400 custom colors that match Sherwin-Williams' Duration paint line.【Get Price】

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The country's oldest timber frame house, the Fairbanks House built in 1641 in Dedham Massachusetts, still has the the original siding, beaded siding on the south-facing exterior, lapped cedar clapboards on the north and east side, and red oak clapboard on the west side.【Get Price】

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Real Cedar Profiles. Western Red Cedar exterior siding or cladding comes in a spectrum of patterns, including the one that is just right for your home’s style and your budget. For specific Western Red Cedar siding grades, please visit the siding grading page.【Get Price】

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