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The primer/sealers are perfect for painted drywall, bare drywall, paneling, and even existing walls that already have wallpaper on them. The products look just like paint and apply the same way. What's more, some brands are tintable. You can colorize the primer to match the background color of the wallpaper. This feature comes in very handy if a paper seam spreads apart in the future.【Get Price】

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The paper is different on the back -- rougher texture -- but will hold paint OK, if you're in a thrifty mood and don't mind a slightly different texture. When you nail up the rock, use special sheetrock nails with cupped heads -- they hold the finish mud better, and they won't rust. Drive them in well -- should make a hammerhead size dent in the rock about 1/16 inch deep.【Get Price】

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Of course, for the chemicals or steam to get to the adhesive beneath the paint/paper collage, you must somehow mechanically pierce the paint film. One old-time method is to use a stiff wire brush to abrade the surface of the paint and paper. Fast forward to the 20th Century… there is a retail product called the Paper Tiger that does this a little more neatly and easily. The Paper Tiger is a ...【Get Price】

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Are you sure it's the 'back' - brand skins have changed over time. . . certain older drywall sheeting had a brown paper - but it's not the 'back' of it. . . but would be treated like any other wall-surface: prime first.【Get Price】

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Drywall has a paper coating designed to create a uniform, smooth surface. If you hang drywall backwards, the rougher backing material will be visible through paint. Also, drywall has beveled edges that ease the process of drywall finishing. Drywall finishers embed paper drywall tape along the seams, so installing the tape within the bevel makes the taped seam rest below a flush level ...【Get Price】

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Painting drywall in a smooth, clean way can take a bit of effort, but the final product is well worth it. It’s best to start by repairing any cracks or holes in the wall. Sand and wipe the entire wall down. Apply a coat of drywall primer and allow it to dry. Roll and brush on 2-4 coats of paint. Sand in between coats for an even better finish ...【Get Price】

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Lining Paper is a quick and easy way to create a flat and smooth base on walls and ceilings, ready for either painting or wallpapering. Lining paper is a really effective and budget-friendly way to create a professional finish, without the cost of hiring a professional.【Get Price】

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