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The cork board wall tiles also add immense beauty to any room. These cork wall panels introduce a natural element into any room with their simplistic beauty but they can also be quite masculine and attention grabbing when given the chance.【Get Price】

Cork tree bark wall tiles CORK BARK WALL PANELS By Freund GmbH

CORK TREE BARK – Cork pictures and walls Our natural cork tree bark has a rough, contrasting surface texture on which wind and weather have left their traces.‎ Natural colour tones vary between light and dark brown.【Get Price】

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The Arizona Cork wall tile is made of the natural cork belly of the cork bark. This is the part of the cork that grows closest to the tree. Note: Harvesting the cork does not harm this tree, the cork grows back only to be harvested time after time. Cork is a truly sustainable resource. This unique cork wall tile is hand produced.【Get Price】

Eco Clay 45/64" (18mm) Cork Wall Panels 24 SQ.FT/box

These panels are derived from the natural bark of the cork oak tree, each sheet of bark is bound to a sheet of agglomerated cork sheeting for a total of 18mm of cork. Even better, the natural uneven surface of the cork bark is not only decorative in appearance but also allows for maximum sound diffusion.【Get Price】

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The bark is harvested every nine years and regrows over the 200+ year life of the tree. These cork panels are a stunning decor choice as well as offering health benefits and sustainability.Our Bark wall covering sheets offer a simple way to transform any room to a cozy retreat or a warm sanctuary.【Get Price】

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And while one side of the cork bark wall panel is visibly textured and coarse, the underside is smooth allowing it to be applied to most substrates without extra steps. As with our entire inventory of cork wall tiles, Tree Bark cork wall covering tiles are backed by our 25 year warranty.【Get Price】

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Natural environmental protection: Cork wall panels are made of natural bark, which allows consumers to continue to enjoy low-carbon life. Precious and rare: Make your room more tasteful, no mold, no dirt, no dust, no static electricity, and not easy to burn, etc.【Get Price】

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Natural Decorative Cork Bark Wall Panel Flats for Terrariums - 23.5" x 35.25" $156.52. Zoo Med Natural Cork Bark, Round, Medium. $21.86. Free shipping.【Get Price】

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