block boarded 60 over with thick cylinder walls

Big block 80 over bore help needed |

Most MK4 blocks have very thick cylinder walls have the shop sonic check it and see what it can be taken out to safely. I think there should be quite a few .070 overbore pistons available as NHRA allows this much overbore in stock and S/S. I can't imagine it not cleaning up with .010 more bore use blockplates and bore and hone it correctly.【Get Price】

Boring and Honing Tips and Tricks - Engine Builder Magazine

Bore distortion can vary from almost nothing up to a couple thousandths of an inch! With today's tight piston-to-wall clearances even .0005? of bore distortion may be too much for some engines. Your goal is to make the bore as round as possible by using the proper boring and honing procedures and up-to-date and properly maintained equipment.【Get Price】

Safe to Bore the Block .60 Over? | DSMtuners

I have some 4G64 with 4G63 Wiseco Pistons from my Turbo 3G project. I wont be using these (bored the 4G64 block out some) so I was wondering if【Get Price】

.060 over 302? too much? | Ford Muscle Cars Tech Forum

I learned If I got the block work done in the off season i can drop it off on saturday and pick it up the following Wednesday . I have a 351 Cleveland bored .060" with .090" thick walls .This engine has made over 500 hp and I haven't had any heating problems in 4 years of hard running and many test of different parts .【Get Price】

Sonic Checking the Mopar Big Block | AR Engineering

The 1977 440 block that weighed in at 234 pounds was the heaviest block the author has seen. When sonic checked this block proved to have very thick cylinder walls with all thrust surfaces well over 0.200 thick. But the hardness for this block was only 180 on the Brinell scale which showed it to be made of the late model cast iron.【Get Price】

400SBC factory block max overbore for street/strip

How far you can bore a 400 depends on how thick the cylinder walls are. Between corrosion and core shift it doesn't matter how thick the cylinder walls are supposed to be they may not be as thick as the factory specified. The machine shop I use performs a sonic check to make sure the cylinder walls are thick enough.【Get Price】

350 bored 60 over ? |

Sonic test the block first. I wouldn't run any less than .125" cylinder wall 【Get Price】

So how much can you bore out a 292? | The H.A.M.B.

.30 over is only .15 from each side of the cyl wall. At that rate .30 over is only as thick as yer fingernail. Machinists don't like going over .60 because then you run into piston availability and with the newer blocks and their thinner walls heating problems.【Get Price】

How much can a bored 5.7 take? - Lx Forums

The 5.7 block actually has thicker cylinder walls than the 6.1 block has. A lot of 5.7 blocks can handle a 4" bore. My 4' bore stroker has a min of .220 【Get Price】

A 350 bored .060 over to a stroked 388 cylinder walls too

If a cast iron 350 block is bored .060 to a 388 (which is also stroked) would you consider the cylinder walls to be too thin? The compression ratio is 9.3:1. The engine produces approximately 500hp. Are the walls too thin for that kind of compression and power? If not would they be too thin if you supercharged the engine therefore creating higher compression? What would you say the max 【Get Price】

Incredible New Block Can Make Both A Hemi & A Wedge!

You can see here just how thick the cylinder walls on THE Block really are. Even being rough bored to 4.500-inch the cylinder walls are very thick and measure over .400-inch thick at its 【Get Price】

Technical - Chevrolet 283 question | The H.A.M.B.

I read in an old magazine that 58 to 62 blocks had the thickest cylinder walls and were the preferred block to bore to 4.00 inch. I just rebuilt a 327 cast in November of 1961 and even my machinest commented that it had thicker cylinder walls than he had seen before.【Get Price】

383 with a .060 over bored block? | Chevy Nova Forum

I recently dissambled my sbc 350 that I had planned to build a 383 stroker out of. It was already bored over .030. There are slight grooves in a couple of the cylinders Im being told i will need to bore it out to .060 over in order to use the block. I plan on putting quite a bit of cash into【Get Price】

Tell me about 502 blocks |

There is a guy local to me with a 4 bolt main .060 over 502 block for sale fresh from the machine shop. I know nothing about these blocks. .060 over sounds like a lot to me but it may not be because I am used to small blocks so I have no clue how thick the walls of a big block are.【Get Price】

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