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How to Whitewash Wood: Simple Whitewashing and Pickling ...

Regardless of what trends come and go whitewashing and pickling have always been go-to ways to add rustic cozy charm to a space. The tried-and-true techniques are easy low-budget means of quickly transforming furniture walls floors ceilings and nearly any other wood surfaces you can think of.【Get Price】

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Second the dampness opens up the pores in the paneling so it will take in the pickling better just like a damp sponge absorbs water better than a dry one. Step 3 – Mix the Whitewash For one wall you probably won’t use more than a gallon of paint.【Get Price】

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Pickling is a staining technique that can be done with either a pre-mixed pickle stain or a self-prepared mixture. Either way the process of pickling knotty pine is exactly like staining any other wood surface. Step 1 - Prepare Surface. If this is an existing piece remove existing finish entirely. Sand the surface with 120-grit sandpaper.【Get Price】

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2. Sand the paneling by hand with 150-grit sandpaper going with the grain prior to applying the pickling pigments. If you had to sand the paneling with an orbital sander to remove the finish ...【Get Price】

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Whether you choose pickling or whitewashing both of these techniques simply serve to lighten the color of the wood. Neither offers protection. Once the whitewash has dried use a clear water-based finish to protect the wood. Gently brush on the clear finish to protect both the wood and the stain. Pickling is the best choice for white-staining oak.【Get Price】

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Wood paneling is one of those rare design elements that can look either lodge fabulous or outdated with little range in between. Before scrapping those dark outmoded panels try this easy how-to for whitewashing walls. Start by mixing a bleach-and-water solution following the ratios recommended on the bleach bottle.【Get Price】

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