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Fill the gap between the boards with mortar using the 6-inch taping knife. Force it into the gap and apply a thin layer on both sides of the joint for a total width of 3 to 4 inches.【Get Price】

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Ours developed about 1/4 inches gaps between the boards which needed to be caulked." "It [James HardiePlank Siding] was installed in August of 97 and there is some shrinkage but only 1/8 inch gap or so in some seams." [3] And HardiePlank is not the only fiber (wood) cement board siding product with shrinkage questions reported in 2008:【Get Price】

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2 | Determine layout of HardieBacker cement board • Stagger all HardieBacker cement board joints. Do not align with subfloor joints. • Never allow all four corners of boards to meet at one point. • We recommend an 1/8 in gap between board edges. • Keep sheet edges 1/8 in back from walls and cabinet bases.【Get Price】

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I'm also installing a Tile Redi Niche. The instructions just say "Take 100% waterproofing silicone and seal the gap between the wall board and the REDI NICHE®." Is that sufficient or should I also use some thinset over the gap? Or Redgard? I'm guessing I should stick with the manufacturers instructions. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks Jon【Get Price】

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Even so the new concrete does not bond with the already-cured footings so a tiny gap exists between the two. After the walls have cured the basement floor is poured leaving a similar tiny gap known as the “cove joint” between the cured walls and newly poured floor. Under ordinary circumstances this gap is too small to admit water.【Get Price】

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I know the cement board is supposed to be cut 1/4 inch above the rub flange but what if you install the cement board and there is a big enough gap between the tub and the wall that when installing tile the tile still would not be even with the tub flange let alone go over the flange? After installing the cement board there is still about a .5 inch gap from the wall to the tub. I assume you 【Get Price】

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Cement board is much heavier and harder to work with than drywall but it is almost completely waterproof. If you have covered a bath surround in cement board and it's meeting the rest of the wall in the bathroom you will at some point have seams between the drywall and the cement board.【Get Price】

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If water gets to the cement board capillary attraction can cause water to wick up into the cement backer board. I always leave a 1/4-inch gap between the top of the tub and the bottom edge of the backer board. How Do You Fasten Backer Board To Walls? The cement backer board can be screwed or nailed to the wood framing.【Get Price】

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As long as you can anchor both the cement board and the drywall for a significant part of the wall the joint should remain stable and crack-free. Dealing With Different Thicknesses Cement board is 1/2 inch thick and so is the drywall you use in most rooms in the house.【Get Price】

Question about leaving gap between shower floor and cement

if i leave a 3/4" gap between the shower mud base and the cement board on the walls how do i effectively redgard that gap? i understand that a gap helps prevent moisture seeping into cement board but it seems like i would not be able to get redgard all coated in there. especially if the wallboard has a rough edge.【Get Price】

Ceramic Tile Backer Board: Are Gaps Between Pieces Okay?

Also James Hardie the manufacturer of Hardie Board states that the gaps should be filled with the same mortar being used to set the tile prior to any tile installation starting. Once the mortar has been placed between board edges a 2 inch fiberglass tape should be installed over the gaps.【Get Price】

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I removed my bathroom walls (around tub - 3 wall alcove) to stud then insulated/ vapour barrier and screwed cement board to the studs. In the process of cutting the cb and installing to walls the gaps in the corners (ceiling to wall corner; wall to wall corner) are anywhere from 1/8 to almost 1 inch wide (thanks to my rookie cutting abilities 【Get Price】

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For my bath surround/shower my GC put up cement board without the 6mm poly. I need some sort of waterproofing and was thinking about using HydroBan. However there is a 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of the cement board and the top of the bathtub flange.【Get Price】

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Cement Board Siding Gaps Between Ends Answered by Brendan ~ July 30 2010 ~ No Comments I bought a house with cement board siding and every single butt end has a space about a 1/2 inch.【Get Price】


i recently replaced my tub surround with tile. i used durock cement board as a base. i meshed all the seams and filled with mortar. i left expansion gaps on all the corners but did not leave spaces between the individual pieces of board. my intention was to make them as tight as possible being that i was going to fill them with mortar anyway.【Get Price】

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Leave a 1/4-inch gap between the backerboard and the wall. Leave a 1/8-inch gap between each backerboard sheet. The corners and edges of the sheets should not touch one another.【Get Price】

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Then attach the cement board to the stud wall or floor using ring-shank nails or drywall screws. Be sure that the screw or nail head is indented slightly into the wall for a firm hold. Allow slight gaps – approximately 1/8 inches – between cement boards to account for any expansion due to heat. When installing cement board above a bath 【Get Price】

Fiber Cement Siding Clearance Gap & Caulking Specifications

This article series includes field reports of fiber cement board lap siding butt joint gap problems fiber cement moisture problems and other fiber cement lap siding installation or in-service defects their diagnosis & repair. We include diagnostic inspection photos and text explain how to recognize diagnose and cure this problem.【Get Price】

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If for interior work it must be designed with a mix & match pattern due to the limitations on the edge joints between the boards. While fiber cement board is made from materials developed from a mixture of Portland cement to cellulose fibers which has advantage of non-causing toxic substances flexibility and tougher quality it can withstand 【Get Price】


Brand Cement Board with EdgeGuard™ cement board is an outstanding backerboard for a wide variety of reasons. Choose this high-performance alternative to fiber-cement boards or bare plywood surfaces for: Superior Tile Bond Prevents tile pops and grout cracks up to 40% greater tile bond than fiber-cement board. The Strength of Portland Cement【Get Price】

Drywall to Backerboard transition in tiled showers

Now you can take your cement backerboard (or whatever your substrate is going to be) and place it up to the edge – leave about a 1/16″ gap between the backerboard and drywall. Then just screw through the edge of your substrate into the other half of the 2×4. Make sure you measure whatever product you’re using for your substrate.【Get Price】

Finishing Gap Between Drywall and Floor Without Using Trim

Hi there I'm remodeling my home out in Austin where the insulation was removed to address pest and mold issues. I'm looking to put new drywall up but I wanted to know if it was possible not to have a gap between the drywall and the floor as my preference is to not use trim on this project. The drywall was mainly removed along the exterior walls up to the 4' high mark and sometimes 8' tall 【Get Price】

When taping cement board do I need to tape at the walls?

The cement board must be properly backed at tub edge to keep it stiff. The gap between it and the tub is grout filled. I don't tape corners. I do tape bevels simply to make a flush surface for the tiles.【Get Price】

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In the shower area I had to knock out the old walls to install cement backer board for tiling over. After getting the cement board in there is still a 1/4" or so gap between the cement board and the ceiling.【Get Price】

HardieBacker Cement Boards Installation Instructions

Gaps of minimum 3mm between the wall edges and the floor should be filled with adequate moisture resistant sealant. The boards can be easily scored and snapped and necessary cuts implemented. The chosen non-flexible tile adhesive should be applied to the subfloor when the 6mm HardieBacker floor board should be slowly embed into the wet adhesive.【Get Price】

Framing Basement Walls Against Concrete and How to Steer

Most jurisdictions require a 4-mil plastic sheet vapor barrier for basement walls against concrete. That is if the studs are going to touch the concrete wall. Or you can leave a 4-inch gap between the studs and concrete wall and probably get away with it. So there is enough gap for air to flow. But wait.【Get Price】

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I have framed my basement walls Vapour barrier is installed against the poured concrete basement wall. There is a 5 inch gap to the wooden studs. I am about to put in the insulation and my contractor has recommended pink fibreglass batts between the studs leaving an air gap between the pink and the vapour barrier on the concrete.【Get Price】

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Advice about gaps in cement boards. Hanging cement board is one job where gaps are desirable. Space the bottom sheets 1/4 in. above the tub lip to allow for movement of the tub and floor. Use nails or screws as temporary spacers to create a 1/8-in. gap between sheets of cement board.【Get Price】

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This smaller gap is created by the compressed thickness of the organic mastic or the cement thinset the tile setter uses to attach the tile to the backer board. The gap is easily filled with the tile wall grout and it looks great once complete.【Get Price】

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Wall and Flooring Indoor Tiling - Help-Gap between cement board and wall - I would like to have a question: When I place the cement board on subfloor I leave a gap of 1/4 inch between cement board and【Get Price】

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The cement board and drywall meet between studs? That's not good. I know it's water under the bridge but if you're not able to have two pieces of wall material meet over a stud you should run a couple of boards down behind the drywall & the cement board and glue/nail the drywall & cement board to the wood.【Get Price】

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