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Painting over spackle or joint compound without properly sanding or priming it will result in an irregular surface or dull spots where the 【Get Price】

How to Prepare Walls for Painting | Benjamin Moore

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How to Spackle a Wall in 6 Steps (DIYer's Guide) - Bob Vila

How to Spackle a Wall STEP 1. First pick your compound. Spackle compound comes two ways: in a convenient pre-mixed paste or in powdered form that you'll mix with water for proper consistency.【Get Price】

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Wherever the light highlights a problem even a small one stick a piece of tape next to it so you can easily find it when you come through with 【Get Price】

Making Minor Drywall Repairs before Painting - dummies

Before you start painting an interior check the walls carefully. You probably have a few minor dings or nail holes to repair. Buy a small container of 【Get Price】

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The primer seals the spackle or joint compound and prepares the area for painting. Without primer the repaired area would soak up multiple coats of 【Get Price】

10 Best Spackle For Drywall Reviews 2020 | The Tooly

The third criterion of buying spackle is how easy it is to use the spackle to patch the drywall. We generally recommend products that come with integrated primers and putty knife in the same box. Getting those will allow you to have a comfortable patching job without looking for different application materials in the hardware store.【Get Price】

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Some areas will have 【Get Price】

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