how to build a deck above a slightly sloped roof

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Nothing says “we didn’t figure out the framing system prior to building the deck” quite like having to step up to the deck from an adjacent room. A level relationship is easy enough to achieve at decks that sit over exterior areas, as the structure can just be dropped to accommodate the alignment of floor and deck. But over habitable conditioned area, it’s a different beast all ... 【Get Price】

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Porch roof construction details would be the reference and bases in order to be guided in the process. This would provide detailed information in terms of the design and structure of the porch. The details will make us aware that porch roof construction is really a hard and heavy work. Heavy materials are needed for the porch to be constructed ... 【Get Price】

How To Build a Shed with a Slanted Roof Step-by-Step Guide

Building this single sloped roof shed was an excellent learning experience. Preplanning was essential to the build. The shed style allowed more windows near the high wall roofline which adds a lot of light. The greater roof slope sheds snow and water easily too. I presently have ample space for storage and no squeak or bounce to the floor. And ... 【Get Price】

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Simply put a couple of posts in the corners of the deck farthest from the building, with a header between them, and add rafters up to the roof of the building or attached to a ledger fastened to the wall of the building. In our case, however, the roof of the garage was only 8& 39; above the deck; to continue the same 4/12 slope of the roof would have resulted in a roof that was only 5& 39; above the ... 【Get Price】

How to Build a Flat Garage Roof

Building a flat garage roof requires less covering than that of a pitched roof, but you would probably use the same amount of timber, if not slightly more. One thing to remember is that, although you call it a flat garage roof, it’s not entirely flat. It does have a slight raise to it to prevent it from pooling water. This is achieved by raising the roof in 1/8th increments every foot. To do ... 【Get Price】

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To put together a warm deck roof, it’s important that the insulation be positioned above the structural deck — the layers that make up the ceiling. Zero ventilation space is required, and the construction appears stacked and compact. Above the insulation, a bitumen felt underlayment is torched on to shed water and protect the materials below. This is known as a warm-deck sandwich roof. An ... 【Get Price】

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Attach the roof ridge to the top of the center wall stud with 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws and exterior wood glue. Make sure there is 1 1/2″ overhang on the back side. Then attach two roof rafters to either side of the roof ridge so they are flush with the back of the ridge. The rafters should sit right on top of the wood paneling on the ... 【Get Price】

How To Build A Shed on Unlevel Ground

There are two main solutions to building a shed foundation on a slope: The deck. The retaining wall. Note: If you are lucky your shed site will be relatively level. If you only need to build a shed base on a slight slope this can be achieved by cutting into the slope slightly on one side and building up the crushed stone on the other. 【Get Price】

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If your site is level or just slightly sloped, it might be a great idea to build an on-grade deck. Whether attached to the house or freestanding, on-grade decks are relatively easy to design and construct. They can be sized and shaped in countless ways. Because they rest fairly close to the ground, they seldom require railings or steps. On-grade decks are especially appropriate additions to ... 【Get Price】

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Put the rafters into position and then drill a hole through the top of the rafter in line with the middle of the wall plate see red arrow above . Then knock a 6” nail down through the hole and securely into the wall plate. Also sidespike 4” ovals into either side of the rafter, again into the top of the wall plate blue arrow above . This process needs repeating at both ends of the rafter. 【Get Price】

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A raised deck is a good option for sloped or uneven gardens as a way of creating a flat surface for a dining table or a seating area. If you build a tall enough frame, you can even use the space underneath your decking as additional garden storage. 【Get Price】

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If you are done with the above steps, then you have completed the base of the roof extension. Now this base is to be covered with tiles. You can choose the tiles depending upon the length and width of the pitched roof. Be a little aware about the color as your roof should match the exteriors of your house and should not look like a separate part. The first tile would be placed at the ... 【Get Price】

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I live in a home in NJ 4A/5A climate zone border with a 3rd floor wooden deck over a a slightly pitched flat roof with conditioned living space below it. This deck was built about 7 or 8 years ago, and is supported by 4x4 posts which are going through the roof and on top of the rafters on the second floor. The ceiling on the second floor is leaking now, and I& 39;m pretty sure the deck isn& 39;t too ... 【Get Price】

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In our case, however, the roof of the garage was only 8& 39; above the deck; to continue the same 4/12 slope of the roof would have resulted in a roof that was only 5& 39; above the deck at the far side. Not acceptable, particularly as that was the side of the deck where it would normally be entered from. 【Get Price】

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Flat roofs are created with tapered rigid insulation on the roof deck, or a substrate, sloped to drains at as little 1/4″/ft. Fastening can be mechanical, with nailers or adhesive. 【Get Price】

How to build a slanted shed roof without a lot of effort?

Attach a board uncut to the settle rafters, on which you need to lay a vapor barrier material film construction . This material must be laid across the rafters and overlap. Joints are sealed with vapor barrier; Stack insulation boards on the film top. The insulation thickness of 8 inches is laid as a flat carpet. 【Get Price】

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Building a deck on a sloped roof. by John Fenton N.B., Canada I want to build a deck on a sloped roof. My plan is to open up the roof and sit a couple of 4x4 posts on top of the outside wall. How do I flash between post and roof. 【Get Price】

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Framing the roof. Place the sleepers. Strips of 4-in.-wide EPDM provide a layer of protection between the sleepers and the roof. The sleepers aren’t fastened in place, and the floor floats. Whenever I install decking over a roof, I make sure the framing is structurally sound and properly pitched to drain water. 【Get Price】

How to Build a Raised Deck

Most cities, towns, and neighborhoods require building permits for building a deck above ground. They’ll want to know specifics like the size, height, and type of lumber to determine if it meets safety regulations. If you’re working with a contractor, you’ll want to be able to submit blueprints for the deck to have on file to make sure that your deck conforms to safety regulations, as ... 【Get Price】

how to build a deck over a sloped roof

Building a Rooftop Deck Roof Deck The biggest difference is that, unless the original roof was specifically designed to accommodate a deck, installation occurs on a slanted— sometimes severely . Rooftop deck construction details - Decks over living spaces can be detailed various ways, but all should have the. 【Get Price】

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If the deck is only 1 or 2 feet above fairly level ground, you can build simple stairs using precut stringers available at home centers. If the deck is higher or the ground slopes, careful planning is required to make sure that all the steps including the bottom one are the same height. Our how-to presents complete instructions on how to build the stairs. 【Get Price】

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Building On Stilts. One way of building on steeply sloping land is to build out from it on a series of supporting stilts or columns. This gets away from the need to build extensive foundations on sloping ground and it negates the need for tanking. It also leaves the ground relatively untouched, allowing planting to take place over much more of ... 【Get Price】

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Venting a flat/very low slope roof doesn& 39;t really help purge moisture, and if anything the space between the fiberglass and roof deck should be reduced to ZERO, with sufficient insulation above the roof deck for dew point control. After sealing the gypsum board penetrations and sealing the vents, blow it full of fiberglass or cellulose right over the existing fiberglass. If cellulose, dense ... 【Get Price】

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just rib out the osb, rip some lengths of spruce 2x4 or 2x6 to give you the slope you want. just make these tapered cuts so that the minimum thickness is approximately 1". nail and construction adhesive glue them to the tops of the existing joists and then put new a new subfloor and a rolled asphalt roof on top. 【Get Price】

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At the lower end of the sloped deck area, once again dig two post holes where you previously marked. Install two additional posts holding the string attached to the other side high enough up to make sure the posts are long enough to support the deck once leveled. Fill these holes with concrete making sure they are level as the concrete sets. 【Get Price】

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