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How to Ground Yourself Without an Antistatic Wrist Strap ...

Step 4. Touch the metal computer case each and every time before you touch any hardware component or circuitry inside the computer. This doesn't ground you, but it equalizes the voltage between you and the computer, and it does so in the safest way -- through the sturdy case rather than the sensitive electronics. 【Get Price】

How to set up your Anti-static mat and wristband - iFixit ...

Using a anti-static mat and wristband to prevent ESD. Tools. Buy these tools. Anti-Static Mat . $24.99. Buy. Anti-Static Wrist Strap . $7.99. Buy. Parts. No parts ... 【Get Price】

DIY Anti Static Mat : 7 Steps - Instructables

One anti-static wrist strap (you can purchase one of these online or opt for the cheaper, disposable versions at your local hardware box store. Just make sure it has a one (1) mega-ohm resistor ) 6. One clothing snap and mate assembly OR a steel nut and screw/bolt. 【Get Price】

How do I use an anti static wristband? : buildapc

If you're absolutely sure of the wiring in your house, you can do the following: Pull the alligator clip off of the wrist strap to reveal what should be a banana connector. Then, take that banana and plug it into the ground socket of a nearby electrical outlet. You are now grounded through your mains. 【Get Price】

Do i need a anti-static wristband? - PC/Mac/Linux Society ...

I alwyas build mine on the carpet floor while sitting down and I never use an anti-static wristband even though I know I should. I am very careful though and a perfectionist so I handle each piece ... 【Get Price】

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